Recomendación de la Comisión Europea sobre la situación de España 2020 (en inglés)

Recomendación de la Comisión Europea al Consejo sobre el Programa de Reforma Nacional 2020 y el Programa de Estabilidad 2020 de España.

Una amplia evaluación sobre la situación económica y financiera de España en 2020 así como de las condiciones en que se ha llevado a cabo la respuesta a la pandemia COVID-19 respecto de la que se afirma:

«The Spanish health system has been delivering good health outcomes despite the comparatively low level of investments. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has, however, put an unprecedented strain on the system and revealed its vulnerability to shocks. Immediate action is focusing on strengthening capacities in terms of health workers, critical medical products and infrastructure in order to save lives and restore health during the pandemic. Persons with disabilities and the elderly in residential care have been particularly exposed during the crisis. Their continued access to medical and social care, including emergency and intensive care services, needs to be ensured. Later on, efforts should concentrate on improving the resilience of the health system so that it can resume its optimal performance as quickly as possible and better cope with new shocks. The pandemic has revealed existing structural problems, some of which derive from certain shortfalls in investment in physical infrastructures and shortcomings in the recruitment and working conditions of health workers. There are regional disparities in terms of spending, physical resources and staff, and the coordination between different levels of government is not always effective. In the medium-term, healthcare delivery could better respond to the challenges of ageing, growing chronical conditions and disability. Primary care and the development of e-health have a central role to play in this regard. In the medium-term, it will be important to ensure that the likely decrease in resources due to the economic downturn does not affect people’s healthcare coverage and result in inequalities in access.»

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